The KLK OLEO group has three companies and six production sites in the hearth of Europe

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KLK Emmerich GmbH

KLK Emmerich GmbH is the largest oleochemical producer in Europe and has been producing oleochemicals for more than 100 years. We offer an extensive product portfolio, essential for most applications in distinct industry segments. Our product portfolio ranges from Speciality Chemicals such as Iso-stearic acids, Dimer acids, MCT oils, Triacetin and a full range of Fatty Acids and Glycerin.

Emmerich am Rhein

The headquarter of KLK OLEO in Europe. The manufacturing location for distilled-, hydrogenated-, and fractionated fatty acids, various refined glycerin types as well as for dimer acids, various triglycerides (MCT oils), and the distribution hub for our import products from Asia.

KLK Emmerich GmbH
Steintor 9
46446 Emmerich am Rhein


The Düsseldorf site produces a wide variety of fatty acids, distilled-, hydrogenated fatty acids, various refined glycerin types, and a range of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA’s), Triacetin, and iso-stearic acid.

KLK Emmerich GmbH (Site Düsseldorf)
Henkelstraße 67 (Tor1)
40589 Düsseldorf

KLK Tensachem S.A.

KLK Tensachem produces anionic surfactants used in personal care and home care sectors for more than 50 years. Our product portfolio finds a wide application in hair care, skin care, body cleansing, and oral hygiene care, also in pharmaceutical excipients, amongst others, as well as in the home care sector for liquid and powder detergents.


Ideally situated, close to the international ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Our manufacturing capabilities include sulphonation and sulphation reactors batch blending equipment.

KLK Tensachem SA
Rue de Renory 28
4102 Seraing (Ougrée)

Kolb Distribution AG

Kolb manufactures besides surfactants also paper process chemicals and other chemical specialties. Our main products are fatty alcohol and acid ethoxylates, fatty amine ethoxylates, phosphate esters, alcohol sulphates and sulphonates, ester quats, triglyceride ethoxylates, sorbitan esters and other chemistries that are used for wetting, emulsifying, low foaming, solubilising, viscosity modifying and viscosity stabilising.


Manufacturing setup for a complex product portfolio, combined with a high degree of flexibility

Kolb Distribution Ltd.
Maienbrunnenstrasse 1
8908 Hedingen


Streamlined processes for utmost cost, raw material usage and energy efficiency

Dr. W. Kolb Nederland B.V.
Westelijke Randweg 5
Harbournumber M431
P.O. Box 123
4790 AC Klundert
The Netherlands


Continuous and multi-purpose batch reactors, specialised in multi-step reactions

KLK Kolb Specialties B.V.
Langestraat 167
7491 AE Delden
The Netherlands

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